Thursday, May 03, 2007

HOLY CRAP - An Entry!

Is what I assume you're saying. If, of course, you're still reading this.
Normally, I'd shy away from journal-esque blogging, but I feel I should at least try to explain my absense.

It pretty much comes down to cold cuts and landlords.

A few weeks back, MJ and I decided on homemade subs for dinner. We bought a pack of cold cuts and had ourselves a regular old sub party (not one of those trendy modern ones). Looking back, I think it was the turkey that had me spewing liquids from every opening in my body for three straight days. I can't be certain, and it could have even been some freak strain of ebola, but the turkey was the only thing I ate and she didn't so my brilliant powers of deduction came to this conclusion.

I don't remember much of those few days. I remember the hospital and watching home reno shows on TLC. I also remember MJ taking care of me. And, oh yeah, the vomitting.

I've since recovered following a couple weeks of quesy stomachs and weird rashes. Too much information?

As for the 'landlord' thing - our ex-apartment owners decided to hop on board the condo train and sell our places. We had a little while to find something, but we didn't want to compete for that elusize 0.0007% vacancy rate in Red Deer so we promptly pounded down the doors of anyone still renting.

Luckily, we found something and we're living there now. And hence...the food poisoning and move drained any sanity and desire to blog from my poor drug ravaged body.

Cool? I'm sorry. Do you forgive me?


dazula said...

I forgive you Funcle Matty!

Steve-O, MTV Steve-O said...

Nope - I'm going to pretend to be mad for another couple weeks until you write me an e-mail asking if we're still friends and offering a round of poker. Until then, I want my many wasted minutes of checking for a new post back. Where am I gonna get those, huh?

Creative Freakin' Genius said...

I, too am going to hold a grudge until you crawl across the room bearing a boatload of candy and beg my forgiveness. Let the grovelling begin....

Meagan said...

Glad you're still alive. Please post more often. I need to procrastinate :) Yes, it's all about me and MY be damned.

Seriously, I'm glad you're okay and that you guys found a new place!