Monday, April 09, 2007

Still Alive

I said it, I did it!
Thanks to the following for saying hello:

Steve 'Shitty Mic' Howard from Oakville
Tara 'I Can't Understand Bradford When He's Drunk' Towers from, uh, Toronto?
Carl 'Mini-thunder from Down Under' Pervis from Australia
Kelly 'Sick as a Horse' Thompson from Red Deer
Paul 'Future Employer' L from Toronto

And the few people who gave me notice verbally. Blogs are fun, I hope to have something new in the next couple days...if, of course, you're still around.


Attention Whore said...

okay - so I comment and then don't even get a friggin mention??? WTF?
That's it - I'm leaving and taking Meathead (oops, I mean Meatwad) with me...
okay, no I'm not....I can't QUIT you...even if you are never around anymore.

Carl .... PUrvis said...

I can understand why you continue to spell my last name wrong. After all, we've only known eachother for 12 years.
-Eeyore out

dazula said...

So can I get a mention for mentioning your mentions?

Creative Freakin' Genius said...

Big shout out from across the room!