Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mika Brzezinski of MNSBC rips Paris report

Thank you jeebus. Finally someone on a major news network with enough integrity to stop the madness. Look, I know it's all about the bottom line, but opting to put Paris on the top of the headlines for sashaying (sp?) out of jail just speaks to a massive mix-up in priorities. What next? "Thousands Dies In MudSlide. Says Hotel Heiress: That's Not Hot. Her Story Pg.2".
Now, whether or not this lady will be raked over the coals by the powers above her is another thing altogether and the cynic in me says she'll have to make an apology or something very soon.
In the meantime - you get my 'Matt's Favorite Lady Who I Never Heard of Before Award'. Be honored, it's not like I just make these things up.

P.S Did you notice I managed to get the video and blog in the SAME POST? I'm evolving people. Please send your sponsorships asap.

P.S.S: Thanks to Phil for putting me on to this video.


Scribe of Dreams said...

your welcome, and i too am sure there will be too many negative reprecusions for this lady. oh well thats the way the hieress crumbles

Creative Freakin' Genius said...

I think it would have been more powerful for her co-anchors to ignore it, as well. It seemed to me that they were making a really derogatory statement about Ms Brzezinski. "Oh, look. Mika is being a big girl and protesting... isn't that cute?" I think it turned into a joke and was rather childish. She was trying to take a stand and no one was taking her seriously.

Although I do like the point the other anchor made that she chose her own stories and that no one was forcing her to do anything. She could have definitely refused to do the story BEFORE they went on the air. Perhaps she did try. Who knows?

Thanks for sharing.