Monday, April 02, 2007

Online Poker, A Plea to Readers and News

Alright - 72 posts later and I think its about time we did a round up.
Please, if you're reading this, take two seconds to fill out a quick comment with your name and location. I'll post them all (the whole 3 or 4 of them) in a couple days. Just want to get an idea of who's reading and where.

e.g., for readers out East, maybe I should talk, uh, Blue Jays.
For westerners, I'll just type slower.


Calling all poker players. The first Official Bradford-Howard Invitational Online Poker Tournament kicked off last Friday. It was a gruelling match between Steve 'My Microphone is a Piece of Crap' Howard and Matt 'I Can't Play in Real Life, why the Hell Do I Think I Can on the Internet' Bradford.

After some stunning back and forth action, it was Steve who poked out ahead with a $10 lead before heading into the public tables where the Bradford-Howard tag team took on some of the net's best....and lost.

Matt was first to lose his 30$ investment. Little is known of Steve.

Graeme, Boston Todd, Mike, Shea and Ricky sent their regrets. I will have nicknames for them if and when they decide to step up to the big boys.

If you wish to play, please send an email to

Oh - and we may have found an apartment. That, and my anus hurts from the proposed rent.


Creative Freakin' Genius said...

Talk slower? Screw you. Oh, that's right, I'm FROM the East and transplanted in Alberta.

So, go ahead and type slower for those who were so unfortunate as to be born in this shithole...uh, I mean, wealthy province.

I'm from across the room and read your blog every day.

Anonymous said...

Steve "My Microphone was fine, just Albertans need people to talk slower for them" Howard - and I'm writing currently from York University.

A actually got off a minute or two later - about $3 up on the night. That, and about 7 beer heavier and 10 degrees tipsier. Good times though, and I look forward to actually taking your money next time, instead of giving it all back to some other card shark with all the buying power!

If we can get 6-8 next time we can have a good pot going. Let me know about this new apartment and what the rent change is. Congrats though. No homelessness for Matt. And did I see on facebook that you got a promotion? If so, congrats x 2. I was just promoted to Captain...but that's for an R-rated forum.

Attention Whore said...

Oh you comment whore....
There is an easier way.
Install and feed your need.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Carl. You may remember me from such summers as 1998, 1999, and 2001. While I'm from Toronto, Im living in Sydney Aus. Thusly, please respond with blogs regarding hockey playing kangaroos, or possibly the potential for breeding moose with pouches to carry their young.

Steven funny? When the hell did that happen? said...

So, I was going to leave a basic comment in response to your question – Tara from Toronto, but after reading the other witty comments ( especially the one from Steve 'My Microphone is a Piece of Crap' Howard) I realized that I might need to step up the humour. And yes you read right, I called him witty (hell must have frozen over ). Although he may be witty, he doesn’t compare to your sarcasm and flare. So, in addition to Tara from Toronto, I will say: Sorry for having to move again, congrats on finding a place, and just bend over and take the financial beating like a man! Hope all is well.

Tara form Toronto.

Paul L. said...

Paul from Toronto.

Also known as the Centre of the Universe. Also known as '1/6 of the entire population of Canada'.

I'm so confused why the West doesn't like Toronto? ;)

Meagan said...

Readers OUT EAST - Blue Jays? know there are 5 provinces east of Toronto, I mean, Ontario, right? Silly man...

Meg in Halifax.