Thursday, March 29, 2007

Eviction, 10 Year old Waiters and Micheal Jackson Cyborgs

Crazy couple of days...

For one, MJ and I were brutally run over by the great wheels of Red Deer's economy.
Last night we received a notice that our apartments were going to converted into condos. We're suppose to attend a meeting tonight to discuss 'any and all of our questions' though I'm pretty sure all of the answers will pretty much come down to them repeatedly violating us with eviction papers.
Sigh - and it was such a nice place.
I'm no stranger to moving. I've moved 4 times in the last two years. The first couple times were fun but the last was a trainwreck of happy-fun incidents (broke a U-Haul, lost a car, almost killed 2 girls on bikes, etc.).
I would love to be able to buy a house out here. That said, I'd also love to come into work in a hovercar. I don't think either is financially doable at this point in time.
Facts are facts - Alberta is a hot province and property owners can get more money selling than they can renting. Who cares if that means 200 people now have to fight for the 5 available apartments in Red Deer...that's just business. I don't hate capitalism, only when it works against me.

What's more, we were seated to lunch today by a 10 year old. None of this 'looks young' crap, I'm talking bonefide 'just starting to grow hair in weird places' 10 year old employee.
At first I thought the main server had just left their son at the stand, but when he started working the debit machine I knew I was witnessing the beginning of the end.
Suffice to say, Red Deer is pooched. We're rich, but we're pooched because the very same oil industry that's making us rich is also scooping up all the jobs and increasing the cost of living into copywriter-unfriendly levels. I even heard talk of reducing the minimum working age to 12 in bars. IN BARS, people. I don't even think they have job interviews here, I just think you show up, submit yourself to a pulse check and then they hand you a security pass.
Oh - and Micheal Jackson is building a 50 foot robot that shoots lasers out of its eyes at oncoming planes in the Nevada Dessert as a promo for a show wherein audience members can control on stage Cyborgs.
This is a sign of the apocolypse right?

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