Monday, September 10, 2007

Wanted: My Abs

LOST: 1 Set of Rockin' Ads

(Artist Representation)

REWARD: Negotiable
LAST SEEN: Sometime around Summer of 2000 - near the Ryerson Pub and/or the Young Street Pizza Pizza.
Likely in hiding with 'Innocence', 'Youth' and 'Care-free Summer days of Life'
DETAILS: Infrequent trips to the gym and half assed, self-made dieting programs have failed to locate my abs. Please, if you have seen my abs, or recall being impressed by them in the past (even remotely), contact Marijana Ancic immediately to confirm their existance and, more importantly, that there is still a chance of their return.


(again, artist representation. Though closer)

CONTACT: Me. But leave a message. I'll probably be playing videogames.


Creative Freakin' Genius said...

Who's the artist?? Hubba hubba! You could bounce quarters offa that thang! Mind if I print that off and hang it from my ceiling? Need bigger paper and a better printer.....

Creative Freakin' Genius said...

PS I was talking about the first pic, although I'm certain coins would bounce offa the second gut, but it wouldn't be as enjoyable.

SJ said...

Question - and feel free to abstain from answering if you feel I don't want to hear the answer - but how many hours were you trawling through online pictures of male abs before you found the perfect picture?

And what exactly were your criteria for perfect abs?

And do you think you're putting a little too much though into abs by creating the aforementioned criteria?

I hope you had a romantic night with MJ after all that.