Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Link Lot #1

I've decided to be highly original and post links. I know, I know - its a revolutionary concept but I guarantee you'll like the idea if you give it a chance.

That said, I think this first lot of links should be used to credit my main interweb influences:

MyExtraLife: If my friends and I got off our video-game/movie watching behinds and produced a podcast - it may sound a little like this. A great read and listen for any geek.
DubiousQuality: In a round about way, Bill's game/life themed blog was the final inspiration I needed to start this. Enviable writing and insight to be found. (plus muchly betterer grammar).
Pointlesswasteoftime: The title pretty much sums this up. I'd smack this in the Cracked.com category of 'comedy to take a break to'
darkhorizons: I've been going here for about 5 years now and while aint-it-cool.com may be a little quicker at updates, this site makes up the balance with an awesome archive of show info/trailers/reviews and more.
theOnion: A hilarious compliment read to actual news.

That's all for now - stay tuned for more focused links.
Update: Now they work! Thanks to Nick for noticing my lack of computer skillz.
Oh - and Phil suggested these www.ctrlaltdel-online.com and www.pennyarcade.com

You can read Phil's Philadering Philosophies at www.scribeofdreams.blogspot.com


Scribe of Dreams said...

you should ad




a couple of great video game/movie related rants and comics do the body good

Nicholas said...

umm... I clicked on the links and they don't work. Did ya try rebooting?

Attention Whore said...

ooh - pimping out other people's blogs...
"I say sir, that's a mighty fine purple Velvet Suit and Feather Boa you got going there!"