Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Official Movie Schmovie Rules

Behold: Movie Schmovie.

Passed down from uber geek to uber geek, Movie Schmovie is the penultimate test of 'movie-buffness' (real word) and memory. Movie Schmovie is the Olympics of movie knowledge - the Ed McMahon of Professional Wrestling Entertainment.

To play Movie Schmovie is to LIVE Movie Schmovie.

Alas, I cannot lay claim to creating Movie Schmovie (I believe it was developed by the Mayans), but I can take the credit for igniting the Movie Schmovie fire in 2 Ontario Universities and the entire province of Alberta. Yes. It's that good.

There's even a belt. I won it once - back in '02. But that's another story for another time.

Enjoy...with caution.

Players: 2 - Any
The Setup: None. Maybe Nachos. Access to IMDB.com or Leonard Malton's Video Guide is also recommended.
i)Choose someone to begin. This someone picks either a) a movie or b) an actor/actress to begin.
ii) The next player in sequence must then take this movie/actor and connect it to another movie or actor.
i.e, In the event that the first suggestion was a movie, the next person must name an actor in said movie.
In the event that the first suggestion was an actor, the next person must name a movie that actor has been in.
iii) Rinse and repeat for everyone else in sequence.
iv) When a player is finally stumped (i.e they cannot name an actor or movie based on the actor/movie given to them), they have the option to 'give up' or 'challenge'.
In a Challenge, the player can opt to challenge the person he has received a movie/actor from for the same answer he is stumped on. Player is 'out' if the Player before him can answer his own question. Reversely, the player who gave the movie/actor is out if they cannot.
v) Play continues until everyone but one 'the ultimate movie nerd' remains.

Sample Game:
Starter: Ocean's Eleven
Player 1: Brad Pitt
Player 2: 12 Monkeys
Play 3: Bruce Willis
Starter: 5th Element
Player 1: (now stumped). Challenge.
Starter: Milla Jovovich (sp?)
*Player 1 is now out. (if Starter could not answer, Starter would have been out)

i) The starter cannot stump right off the top
ii) No movie/actor can be named twice in the same round (even in challenges)
iii) First answers are final answers.
iv) No reference materials may be used

Optional For Beginners
Each Player can ask the following ONCE per round. However, once asked, they cannot challenge.
Initials of Actor
Description of Movie
Initials of Movie

*I cannot be held liable for any debates, fights, forgotten time and inebriation as a result of the movie game.


Scribe of Dreams said...

yeah you got the spelling of Milla Jovovich right..



Attention Whore said...

I would so kick BOTH your asses at this game - I am the one people phone at 3 AM asking "Who's that girl, you know...the one in that movie with that guy?" And I inevitably come up with the answer.
I CHALLENGE....ooooo. Also - "QUEEN of the Movie Quote"
Just sayin'

Creative Freakin' Genius said...

Here's one you can usually use to stump almost anyone ( except me ).

Academy Award Winning Actor....
Timothy Hutton!

Attention Whore said...

Oh - Creative Genius - it is on.
Tim Hutton
Beautiful Girls
Uma Thurman
The Truth About Cats and Dogs
Janeane Garofalo
Mystery Men

Timothy Hutton
Ordinary People
Mary Tyler Moore
Six Weeks
Dudley Moore

Anonymous said...

Where the crying Jesus is the Bowie Link some guy talked about a few items back. I want Bowie. Ever see his movie? Unbelievable! The Man Who Fell to Earth. Rent it if you can find it kiddies then if you get it, get back to me.......vic bickell