Friday, February 16, 2007

Published on the Interweb Part#2 (And an Apology to Phil)

Whoohoo! The second review is up and ready for the masses. While I didn't enjoy the game as much as Death Jr. 2, writing the review was a little more fun.

Check it out if you have a moment:

The gallery is of another game entirely, so it might have to be taken down and re-posted, so if it's not up, please hang up and try again.

As an aside, the canoe people = good people. And while that's a bit of ass kissing, it's also the truth. It's nice to be doing the freelance thing for a group of people who have a genuine interest in the industry. They're also fun - and that helps.

Also - apologies to Phil. Phil parked in my parking spot this month. It's the employee of the month parking spot and I now remember saying that he could use it. Of course, me being a jerk made a big deal - thus leading Phil to relocate to his less than ideal spot at the back of the lot.

I feel horrible. Now, I extend an open invitation to Phil to use my parking spot whenever I am carless.


Attention Whore said...

Homework assignment #98475 that you will never do.
Flesh out your hockey/culture diatribe and form it into an article you could submit. (it'll be fun to see the whole country hunt you down and beat you over the head with goalie sticks)

Creative Freakin' Genius said...

I have an assignment for you, too. Tell me where I the penis puppetry extravaganza is taking place. Details...I need details...

Master Howard said...

Read the article...even before you posted the link. I had to check back 3 times today until they finally posted it. Way to work clump in there...I was impressed.

For those of you not in the know - I had Matt work in the word 'clump' into his article. It's like where's waldo...see if you can find it.

I'll get back to you on the next 'word of the day.'

P.S. Do you watch the Cobert Report? I watched my first episode tonight.

Still Master Howard said...

Oh yeah, and it was good.

I honestly meant to put that in there.

Kinda weird though, one moment you're the guy dancing at all ages night at the Abyss in Mississauga...the next you're mister professional writer guy (as professional as gaming can be.)

My little boy is growing up.

Honestly though, impressive.

P.S. I keep trying to put funny website addresses under my name but they never show up...what gives? (My apologies if any of them are actual links.)