Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Link Lot #4 - Children of Links

Because I have non-posting guilt, here's a few links that might make up for lack of content (based on the assumption that what I post is considered content).

1 - Mikey at 'My Boy the Girl' passed along this uber rad Jean Claude Van Damme article. Even if you're aren't a fan of splits, renegade cops or shady martial arts tournaments, this still makes for a hilarious read: CLICK ME!

2 - Then there's this semi-cool collection of pictures. Some guy made cities out of playing cards ... and I thought Phil was obsessive about building his giant risk board (more on that at 'Dream Country' - see blog links). Anyways, this reminds me of that Simpsons spoof about the CGI Movie 'Cards'. CLICK ME, FOO!

3 - And proof that SNL can be genius - Brohans.com (I'll pretend I know them) compiled a list of classic mock commercials. Most are a little dated, but they include two of my favorites - Dissing your Dog and Schmitt's Gay. They don't have that one about robot insurance for old people though. Shame. DROP THE GUN AND CLICK ME NOW!

4- Finally - I'm a little late on this one - George Takei speaking out against Tim Hardaway's anti-gay ramblings. Hilarious. MAKE IT SO!


SJ Howardton said...

Unrelated - but where is ole Matto on Facebook.

My grandkids (friends) finally convinced me to sign up for this immense time-wasting tool. And it is that...

So where are you man? Get with the times!

Scribe of Dreams said...

Hey, thanks for the plug. you will happy to know that the obsession is dwindeling because the main part of the porject is done.

check it out at