Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Requests and Bad Jokes

Don't panic.

I know the blog has been updated 3 times in a row but i assure you its still me and I haven't been replaced by some evil, more efficient, twin.

Steve (long time reader/ Guy I'll most likely be stuck in a room with at the retirement home) requested Grey's Anatomy for a 12 line review. Again, I'll have to consult my sources (Marijana), but this will/maybe happen. I'm still trying to do Gilmore girls, but my ear starts to bleed after, like, 15 minutes of listening to the dialogue.

For those unaquainted with Gilmore Girls, it goes something like this:

Mom: Hey, we have cheese.
Daughter: Cheese?
Mom: Cheese.
Daughter: What kind of cheese? Brie? Monteray Jack? Chedder? Mozzerella? Marble?
Mom: Marble.
Daughter: Good marble? Bad Marble?
Mom: Marble, Marble. What does it matter?
Daughter: Marble matters, mom. Marble matters.

etc. etc for the next 15 minutes.

Otherwise, I'm being whisked away to Edmonton for business (way less important than that sounds) so to make up for my short vacation, I leave you with a few of the best jokes I've heard recently - family friendly!

What bees give milk?

Why shouldn't you have a bath with a Pokemon?
He might Peek-at-chu!

How do you kill a circus?
Go for the juggler.

Har har! Good times.


SJH said...

All's forgiven.

Is it sad that I actually laughed out loud at the boo-bees joke?

Anonymous said...

You should write a blog about how you'll recoup your poker losses from Friday!

-Anonymous from Toronto...York University, Toronto...more specifically Mississauga...OK, it's Steve...