Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Numbers Are In

I'm watching you - or at least pie graphs representing you.
Having just installed a counter into the blog I now know a few things:

9 People visited in the 4 hours since the last post
0 Comments were made
100% Of visiters did not comment.
1 Man-child cried in the employee washroom. (hint: me)
5 Puppies will meet their grisly end if this trend continues.



kerrianne said...

Do we get cookies for commenting, then? Or, pies, maybe?

Dee G. said...

I have '05 hot dog envy. Also, perhaps a little Alberta homesickness in light of the holidays.

Thanks for swinging by and commenting, sorry the subject matter is so *yawn* due to the busyness of packing and moving.

m.bradford said...

Cookies ...

Attention Whore said...

I too am a comment whore and spend my nights tossing and turning wondering why the 115 people a day that drop by are sooooo silent. We are pathetic Mr. Bradford...a little sad.
Perhaps it's just one person (you?)dropping by 115 times....stop it already, don't you have work to do?

Creative Freakin' Genius said...

I am entering this comment under diress because I fear for the puppies.