Monday, December 18, 2006

On a Better Note

Dear Santa,
So you read the blog eh? Yeah...look, I didn't want to leave things on a sour note. Yeah, it may appear as though have a thing against Christmas shopping - but I'm also edgy about pretty much all other days of shopping (minus free shopping), so lets just mark it all down as a general distaste for crowds.
How's the misses? Still rocking?
Either way, I'm hoping you still drop by. And, in the spirit of covering my ass, I thought I'd post the Twelve Things I Love About Christmas.
If this doesn't work, I'll just leave the regular envelope by the cookies. Jerk.

The Snow: I've always been a winter person. Maybe I was a black bear in a previous life (see past post). Either way, seeing the ole white outside almost always gets me in the season. I suggested to MJ that we make a snowman outside our lawn with the sign: Will Give Snowjob for Food. She's down with it. Look for him in January.
The Random Bands: Apparantly there are stockades of people with instruments hidden in a bunker somewhere who reveal themselves around this time and use every public space to play. And as a closet classical music listener, I like to secretly hum along.
That Random Nice Guy: You know... him.
Stockings: Pretty much the best part of Christmas. Stockings are great because they consist of everything you have to buy for yourself but HATE buying for yourself (deoderant, socks, jock itch powder, bubble gum, etc.)
Tequila: Because all Bradford holidays are marked with tequila shots. It's just that some Bradford friends can't always handle that tradition and pass out at 9pm *ahemSTEVEahem*
Cards from Random People You Haven't Talked to All Year: pretty self-explanitory
A Sudden Slowdown of work: I'm probably jinxing myself with this one.
TV Christmas Specials: Especially because they're now being made by creators who are jaded with the uber sweet Christmas specials of years past. See Office.
Christmas Lights: Cheap and stimulating.
Gifts: Yeah - so I still like gifts but not the actual shopping for them. I never promised to be consistent.
Time Off: With most of the Bradford clan a few thousand kilometres away, Christmas affords me a couple days at least to remind them what I look like. And to also remind them that I work with radio so when I pass around the hat, I don't get any attitude.
Christmas Dinner: Despite the one time Momma Bradford left the cooking pins in (also a time she hates being reminded of), Christmas dinners are pretty much the penultimate dinners.

Thanks big guy,
(heart) Matt

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