Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Skeletons on the DVD Shelf

One thing I've never been faulted for is my unwavering good taste. I have a friggin Mel C album for crap's sakes - even when I could have burned it.

Still, everyone has their weak moments - especially when it comes to movies. And whether they be gifts or a horrible lack of judgement, we all have a few skeletons hiding amongst our DVD collections. So, in an act of purging, here are a couple of mine:

Battlefield Earth
Plot: Tull and Brull (or something 'Ull') head an army of gigantic aliens against a Hu-mon revolution.
How I ended up with it: At some point, a couple friends of mine caught on to the fact that I was first in line for crap movies so, when Crapfield Earth was shat out onto DVD (mere weeks after release I imagine), they automatically assumed it was my favorite film. This was given as a joint birthday present and is watched on occasion if only for the scene where the rebellious 'Hu-mons' find a hanger of fully fueled 1000 year old jet fighters and teach themselves to fly.
Moulin Rouge
Plot: Ewan and Hottie McKidman engage in a tragic yet delightfully musical affair at the Moulin Rouge.
Why its There: I'm not going to lie: I love this movie. Admittidly, this is like the Ghandi of Chick Flick movies, but it just keeps calling me back. If anyone asks, I say it was for a project on 18th century Bohemiem movement - but if my heart asks, I say it's because I just can't get enough. sigh.

About a Boy
Plot: About a Boy
Why the Hell I Bought it: Believe me, I'm as stumped as you are. I think its' because there was a cool song in it. Beyond that, I don't know...Hugh Grant's charm? A discount at Rogers? Will I ever watch it again? In the event that my cable is out and all other movies past 'A' are unable to function...maybe. This was one of those 'hey, that was cute, I'll buy it' films that will probably never again feel the warmth of a DVD tray.

Making of the Matrix

Plot: A 3 hours scene by scene documentary about the making of the Matrix
Why Oh Why?! Those who know my once-addiction to the Matrix will see nothing out of the ordinary with this selection. It was THE movie and, as such, I just HAD to see how they made it. Highlights include the 'unthawing' of the Keannu-Bot before all major fight scenes and the part where the Wackowski brothers call an emergency meeting on how to ruin the triolgy.

Final Fantasy: Spirits Within
Plot: NOTHING at all to do with the video games.
And You Have This...Why? Because I'm an instant-geek for computer generated action. I love it. This film when widely ignored, but I guarantee you that 300 years into the future, mankind will unearth my apartment, find this movie, and re-discover what it means to have fun.

Well...that's all...that I can remember. Updates to come. Why not tell me YOUR guilty pleasure (movie related, please).


Meagan said...

Glad to see you're still geeking it up. Although, I bet I could beat you on the geek scale from 1-10. If you're a 9, I'm a 10 :) My guilty pleasure movies? Legend, Labyrinth and the Never ever ever Ending Story. Oh, and Under the Tuscan Sun (holy chick flick but I LOVE it).

Scribe of Dreams said...

MB, i cant thank you enough for sharing my passion for spirits within..it may have been utterly dissapointing in teh final fantasy referance, but as far as 3d cg movies go it is freakin sweet...the question is...basic? or special edition?
and have you seen advent children yet?

Attention Whore said...

Okay - you almost ruined our friendship (do we have a friendship?) when I thought you were going to bash Moulin Rouge...but you redeemed youself by loving it as much as me.
Guilty pleasure movies? I have so many.
Grease Two has to top the list though. Cheesiest fromage-fest ever. But I so want to be a Pink Lady and seriously? We used to act it out and sing along with Michelle Pffiefer and Maxwell Caulfield. I actually thought he was "hot"....ewww.
I want a C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R...yup, my guiltiest pleasure ever. I must go find it now.

korkas said...

must.. not.. reveal..

-TITANIC (super-extended special edition anniversary special)
-TITANIC (the regular bare bones DVD)
-MY GIRL ("his glasses, he can't see without his glasses!" - I still have a crush on Anna Chlumsky)
-PAM AND TOMMY SEX TAPE (for entertaining houseguests; i think they're especially entertained when i know the sequence of events of the entire DVD, and where the best parts are)

yes, i own two copies of titanic. and one copy of moulin rouge. and chicago. and a league of their own.

ok, back to the closet i go!

Creative Freakin' Genius said...

Hey Megan!

What's wrong with Legend and Labryinth? If you're a 10, then I'm a 15....

Borrelli said...

Bradford, if you throw out Battlefield Earth, I will be sincerely hurt. We're watching that again when you get home, and this time there'll be a quiz at the end.

Kull no like when you make fun of him, hu-mon.

Scribe of Dreams said...

i have to weigh in on the geek scale - i have the special expenisve versions of Labryinth, dark crystal and legend..and 3 versions of transformers the movie on DVD.

so where to i rate?...thats right i'm TRYING to be the geekiest person MB knows.

Heather said...

Here's a few:

Ever After starring Drew Barrymore. Possibly the worst actress in history, but the costumes, Anjelica Huston and Prince Charming make up for it. Plus I'm a sucker for Cinderella stories. Don't ask about my video of A Cinderella Story.

Cutting Edge starring eighties' actors. I disgustingly love this movie. There's bad 80s montages, obvious cuts when it comes to actual skating skill, but the witty repartee and shameless hockey plugs keep me entertained. Plus this movie taught me how to do a tequila shot correctly at the age of like, three.

Romeo + Juliet with DiCaprio and Danes. Haven't actually watched it yet, which goes to show my obvious issue with it. Shakespeare done modern is not regular fare, and I haven't quite been in the right mood to watch it yet. Plus I hate DiCaprio and I'm not a big fan of Danes and it isn't one of Shakespeare's greatest stories. But I like the pretty colours and the soundtrack is possibly the best ever.