Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Club Awesome (or, I Never Thought at 25)

Yes, I've joined club Awesome. A friend of mine emailed and welcomed me to quarter-life (aka the aforementioned 'club awesome'). It also made me realize that I'm not a spring chicken anymore. I'm not old, but I'll never be an astronaut. And that makes me sad.
So, without further ado: Things I never thought I'd be doing/thinking/considering at 25

I never thought I'd still be a cheap drunk
I never thought I'd be thousands of miles away from home shacked up with some hot Croatian newsie.
I never thought I'd still be learning so much from my parents
I never thought I'd actually take things like color schemes and matching dinnerware seriously
I never thought I'd still be taking public transit
I never thought I'd be consitantly in bed by 11pm
I never thought I'd still be playing videogames (Although, I hoped)
I never thought being 25 would (mentally) feel exactly like being 19
I never thought I'd still be in touch with the McRock gang. (and while some have moved on, and others don't talk, I couldn't be happier that I am)
I never thought I'd have RRSP's and be excited by updates from my bank
I never thought I'd maintain a blog for more than 2 days
I never thought I'd finish a complete tho

Ha! See what I did there? Comic genius. Part of being in club awesome is being comedic gold. Or at least you're own fan club.
So here's to club awesome and for the awesome years to come!

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Attention Whore said...

Welcome to "The Club" sucks.