Monday, November 20, 2006

Link Lot #2 : The Linkening

Remember that whole idea of posting links every day or so?'s been a month ... and I only have one.
But dangit, it was worth the wait.

Click here for maximum mind blowage*

*Blogger does not guarantee nor endorse the physical act of mind blowing. In the event that viewing or sharing said link results in a physical blowing of the mind, the blogger washes his hands of the whole bloody mess. If you would like to photograph or otherwise reproduce said 'mind blowing', then please feel free to submit your account to this blog for possible posting in future Link Lots


Creative Freakin' Genius said...

I have two words for you....


Yes, there is a higher power and YOU TUBE be thy name!

Attention Whore said...

I went to this link and was so engrossed that I actually never came back to comment.
Yes, I'm getting you your ad copy...I'm not reading blogs....I'M NOT!!!