Monday, November 06, 2006

Personality Test Sheep

Two updates in one day? Unheard of you say! Proposterous! Slow Work Day!
Online tests - I love 'em for their randomness pseudo-science and I hate 'em because they so often miss the mark.
Either way, they provide good blog fodder.

Like this: Turns out I'm not as much of a nerd as I think I am:
Or this - I'm definitely not a loser:Though really - each of these tests should have but one question: Do you take online tests?
If the answer is yes, you get the following:

(update: want to kill 5 minutes of your own? Click here - Thanks to Phil for pointing out my lack of hyperlinking savvy).


Graeme said...

some of the things you write on here are BOLD statements bradford.

actually i just wanted to use the bold function on the comment thingy.

Scribe of Dreams said...

I have to say, i was quite displeased with the fact that either A) you didnt hyperlink those pics, or B) (which i think is more likley), they were simply a ruse and are not real quizes, in which case i feel horribly cheated and dissapointed as i looked forward to my "nerd score"

Borrelli said...

I'm in the 43rd Nerd Percentile and I am offended.

vic bickell said...

Hey I only scored 10 and I am a nerd. what gives with this test?

Anonymous said...

I scored 99, monstrous nerd god!