Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Round of Birthday Thanks

In no particular order, a special thanks to:

Marijana: For simultaneously making fun of the fact I blog and helping me take pictures of the event for it.
Kelly, Carlos, Erin, Amy, Phil, Sam, Darryl, Stephanie and Adam: For making it a great night.
Adam: For running the show and not cutting my mic off on numerous occasions
The Darkness: For making a song that I could KICK ASS with during Kareokee
Lottery Woman with Wolf Shirt: For listening
7-11 Lady: For obviously seeing that I was intoxicated, yet selling me day old chicken tenders regardless.
Mom and Dad: For bearing me. mostly for the actual physical part.
Pearl and Friend: For going along with the craziness.
The Makers of Tylenol Extra Strength: For saving me.
Guy Upstairs: For laying off the electric bass this morning.
Dare: For kicking my ass about not updating!

It was a great night! Pictures to follow (if appropriate).


Sara said...

Happy Birthday Mr. B!!! Boresville, I mean Oaktown misses ya!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Mr. B!!!

Attention Whore said...

The Darkness?!?!
Please tell me it was 'One Way Ticket' and not 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love'.
Tell me that Matty, please tell me that. Lie if you have to, but dear god, not that.
(okay,okay, I'm guilty of singing Paradise by the Dashboard Light, so if it was "I believe..." then we're even.
Our punishment shall be having to sing a duet of "Islands In The Stream" at some point.

Scribe of Dreams said...

It certainly was a fun time, even if i totally buctchered everything i was involved in...starting tomorrow I will think of a couple songs and listen to them every day and sing along with them, so i have somthing i can do mildley well with next time.

Creative Freakin' Genius said...

"I believe in a thing called, na-na-na-na, na-na-nananana!"

That was the best 30 bucks Adam ever spent!!

PICTURES! I need pictures!

I had so much fun it seemed like MY birthday. WOO!

Anonymous said...

So I see you are still milking the old birthDAY thing over many days and many raucous parties. Have a good one Dude and talk to you tomorrow on your ACTUAL birthday....vic bickell