Thursday, November 02, 2006

Matt and Marijana Do Tarintino

In continuing with our 'Tarintino' theme, I present to you: Matt and Marijana Do Kill Bill!

Yes, for yet another year, I was able to wear a suit and cheap Spencer Gift items for my costume while Marijana put time and effort into hers (although, I did help make the mace - which, by the way, is made of rolled up Maxim Magazine covers and my old Ryerson T-Shirt)

In case you couldn't tell, I was a generic member of the Crazy 88's and she was 'Gogo' the psycho mace girl. Awww...aren't we cute...yet dangerous!


Attention Whore said...

Tarintino - I love it! Are you going as Mr. Pink next year? That I would love to see.
"Cute, yet dangerous" has always been my motto in life.

Anonymous said...

what a pile of poo lazy SOB why do you let the lady do all the work...vic bickell

Anonymous said...
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Scribe of Dreams said...

Maxime magazine covers wrapped in duct tape eh? punishment for somthing?