Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Things I Thought While Watching Superman I

"I can't believe Roger's was out of Hollowman 2"
"Margot Kidder isn't Kidding around. Hah! I should tell that one to Marijana."
"She's right. That was stupid."
"Krypton is probably the most depressing/poorly designed/dangerous spike crystal city ever conceived"
"Marlon Brando's looking good."
"Zod looks like my uncle after drinking"
"What did Clark eat in that spaceship?"
"This isn't at all following Smallville"
"The same actress played Clark's girlfriend in the movie and his mom in the show? Creepy."
"So...when do we get to Zod?"
"Hey Clark, you Dad just died. Why don't you be a dick and leave your mom? Oh wait. There you go."
"Wait. Lois Lane is at least 12 years younger than Clark? Creepy"
"Lois can't spell 'rapist'? Seriously?"
"Is this where Zod shows up?"
"Oh look - they're flying. Together. Impossibly."
"Still flying"
"Shitty poetry...and more flying."
"Lois falls! Awesome! Shit. More flying."
"So let me get this straight. Before his date with Lois, Clark gets her all excited as Superman? Is he trying to be his own cock block?"
"We're entering zero-hour for a Zod appearance"
"Lex Luther lives in a submerged train station? ... ?"
"Lex Luther's girlfriend has gigantic breasts."
"Breasts somewhat make up for lack of Zod."
"Note to self: Fault lines can be repaired by simply lifting them back into place"
"Further note to self: I can reverse time by reversing the earth's rotation"
"Hey Superman - now that you reversed time, you do realize that you have to go back and re-save those people - oh, wait. No? Ok then."
"Superman's Greatest Foe: Logic."
"I wonder if I can reserve Hollowman 2"


Attention Whore said...

I too watched this lame assed movie on TV this weekend, which I once thought was filled with great special effects.(?!?!?) I lusted after both Clark and Superman, might have even had a thing for Lex. It was the greatest movie ever when it first came out.(okay, I know - you probably weren't even born yet...WHATEVAH)
I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks it is slightly creepy that the lady that now plays his mom was once his girlfriend...ewwww.

Scribe of Dreams said...

I would like to point out that although you are both corret in the fact the women who plays his highschool crush, ends up playing his mother in smallville....YOU HAVE THE WRONG MOVIE.

In the first superman movie, Lana Lang is played by one Diane Sherry. It is not untill superman 3 that Annette O'Toole steps in to play Lana at a high school reunion.

so if you are going to bash a movie at least make sure you have things right...

that said, superman rocks, it may be cheesy and bad now, but its still a great movie

Creative Freakin' Genius said...

All I ever wanted was a happy family! Please stop fighting.....

Attention Whore said...

I just got Kels e-mail last night at about 11 pm, so I couldn't meet up with you guys -hope you had a ball.
I'm sure my mad karaoke skills were sorely missed!
Happy happy birthday -