Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Matt 2006: Now With Wheels!

This is a Ford Fusion 2007 (Yes, reality does warp around the vehicle as depicted. It's a new feature)

On the list of stresses, I figure buying a car (new or used) ranks pretty dang high. I see it equalling both 'loosing all your limbs' and 'having to wrestle two panthers with a wooden spoon'.
Personally, moving from Peace River to Red Deer still ranks 1, but 'Buying a Car' has just entered the top 3. (narrowly edging out 'Missing 24 on TV')

I've done this before - last year with an owner-sold '88 Corsica for 600$.
Today I just finalized a deal for a 2007 Ford Fusion.
Needless to say ... there's a wee difference.

*Note to Parents: By the way, I'm leasing a car. Don't worry, we'll talk later. Call me.*

From the get-go MJ and I were bent on running down another beater car. The logic, of course, being that we'd keep buying beater cars and running them into the ground. Our budget for starters was about 3,000. We found said 'beater' at a local dealer. Of course, there were the added charges - namely 1500 in essential repairs. Small potatoes, I know. Who knew that a 'transmission' and 'motor' were essential. Kids these days.

The real warning lights went off when I asked to see the inspection report and the words 'DO NOT DRIVE!!!' were discovered written over the 'closing remarks'. No joke.

Long story short - a $4500 beater with no warranty didn't really make us feel, as the industry says, 'secure'. So, while we waited in the truck for the $4500 beater to start, we started discussing leasing a new vehicle. And by 'we', I mean 'Salesguy'. In retrospect - I think this was the plan from the start. Scaring us with the beater was just foreplay.

Jump ahead 2 hours and I'm handing over my credit card.

Now...I'm not a complete consumer pushover, but I'm not my dad. I think had my dad been in a similar situation, we'd have gotten the car for free in addition to a share in the company and a free Keg dinner. Basically - I'm not a haggler. I'm a stickler...but not a haggler. As a stickler, I made sure I knew exactly what we were getting into and beat down the monthly payment as much as I could. It's funny how you have an idea of how badass you're going to be in a car negotiation and what a wad of cookie dough you turn out to be when faced with two guys in expensive suits holding the keys to an amazing car.

The good news in all this is that not only can we afford this, but the insurance is dirt cheap. Further good news is that, as mentioned before, the car is kick ass and we bought as much warranties and 'extra car care' plans as we could to make sure that we'll never have to worry about when and if the car breaks down.

So...I get the keys tomorrow - at which point I will begin repaying the entire city of Red Deer for rides.

Give me a call - we'll work something out. No eating or kids.


Creative Freakin' Genius said...

I think I've given you enough rides to warrant you fathering my child. Since I don't want kids, I'll settle for lunch - you can drive.

Anonymous said...

Im Marijana Ancic and i approve our purchase of the car and this blog.

Hehe, Im happy for us :)

Attention Whore said...

(coming from a person who also leased a car because she felt obligated, seeing as she had the audacity to actually walk through the doors of a dealership and go..."oooh - cute, it's yellow")
(And apparently likes to talk about herself in the third person)

p.s. tell scribe of dreams to get his blogass in gear.

Attention Whore said...

Hey - Bradford dude:
I tagged you for a meme on my latest post.
Copy the questions and fill out on your blog.

CruiserMel said...

*laughing at "beater" and just can't stop* Sorry, I'm from Texas. It's my handicap. Pity me.