Monday, January 01, 2007

2007: A Year In Preview

Well...its good to be back. I'm full of family home cooking and rest and ready to roll for another year.
Stay tuned in the next few days for PhotoRama 2007, a multi-part expose of the last three months as captured by my handy collection of disposable cameras.
Also stay tuned for more "Matt and MJ" restaurant reviews and a special tribute to my new favorite SNL sketch of all time.
Until then, a brief rundown of thanks to the following:

Mom and Dad: For another great Christmas, copious amounts of free alcohol, more food than I could ever hope to process this month and making home feel like I haven't left. Save for the million or so birds.
Marijana: For making Red Deer a great place to come back to and for my new Bowie Bear.
Steve and Maree: For helping me shop last minute, for the super-classy Egyptian art and Steve, for winning more money than me at the casino and letting me get away with not pitching in for gas. Oh - and for being an awesome friend.
Mike, Megan and the Dinner Crew: In the category of awesome friends, special thanks to Mike, Megan and other attendants at last thursdays dinner. This thanks also includes thanks for the Hookah pipe and episodes of Arrested Development.
Shea, Ricky, Larry and Smitty: For taking my money - Larry especially for introducing a game that has nothing to do with strategy and left me broke in a matter of minutes. Damn you Post. DAMN YOU.
Shawn and George: For lunch and a quick visit. Always great seeing you guys.
The Folks at the Office: For covering my work (at least, so I'm assuming).
All the Rest Reading This: For coming back! Tell your friends!

Well...I promise something good to read shortly. Until then, Happy 2007.



Creative Freakin' Genius said...

CRAP! We were supposed to COVER you? I didn't even know you were gone! Sorry about that, dude!

dazula said...

The place wasn't the same without you. Sparkle says hi!

Attention Whore said...

Where's my annoying "Where's your ad?" phone calls? I've missed them....
Kidding buddy...good to see you back. Welcome it home to you yet?