Sunday, January 14, 2007

A 24 Preview, Small Furry Things and MJ's New Shift

I had a few things to run though and zero desire to separate them into individual posts.

1) 24. Fox had a stroke of genius and released the first 4 episodes of the new season before it even aired. Needless say, I smacked down my 10 bucks faster than you can say 'PUT DOWN THE GUN!' .
For those of you less fortunate who still have to 'wait for cable tv', I won't spoil too much. Suffice to say, Chloe re-positions a satellite against orders (yay me!), a crap load of people die, Jack tears out a jugular with his bare teeth, thwarts a terrorist attack and changes clothes two the first two episodes! Yes, it did move. Sorry MJ.

2) A funny story - two nights ago, Marijana awoke to something small and furry crawling across her legs. Later, she would say that she thought it was me (for other reasons than the obvious), but it turns out our hamster Meatwad had not only escaped, but had survived the fall from the cage, the trip through the kitchen and the climb into bed. We weren't angry - we were impressed. We also felt horrible for putting her back after all the effort it must have took. Of course, being a hamster, it couldn't really show us its pure hatred, but we hope she understood.

3) MJ begins her shift as morning anchor at her station. You can listen to her every hour on the hour from 5am - 12 Noon. That is ... if you live in Red Deer. Otherwise, I'll see about getting her to type up transcripts.


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Attention Whore said...

HAHA Bradford, you are now officially a blogger. You've been spammed!
Congrats to MJ! I will tune in...once you tell me what the hell station she's on....

Anonymous said...

Congrats to MJ on the BIG move up the broadcasting ladder - Great Stuff Lady! IF you guys in Beef Country would get with the technology maybe I could even hear you do your thing on the Net. Nah, couldn't get up that early. Good luck with the anchor chair and don't let Matthew keep you awake late nights.

Lunatic on the Roof