Tuesday, January 30, 2007

50th Post Spectacular Prelude

Get ready for it kids, it's gonna be big!
It's also going to be an idea directly ripped off from attenion whore (see side link).
Oh, and it'll technically be the 51st Post. Damnit.

Just a few thoughts:
a) By my own fault, my 24 mini-obsession has become well known. And a bit creepy. Here's an unofficial declaration that I will consciously try to limit the Jack Bauer mentions. Actually, screw that, this is MY friggin blog.
b) Did you know that it is now more financially viable to farm gold for World Of Warcraft than it is to farm rice? Now you know...and now you're as scared for the future as I am.
c) I see that many people are visiting. Say hello! And to the few who comment, thank you for filling that need for commenting in my life. I will remember you.

Otherwise, stay tuned for the not-so-original 51st Post Extravaganza!


Attention Whore said...

Congrats on 50 posts!!!
Look forward to reading them.
Writer's workshop tonight...be there.

Graeme said...

b) more financially viable to farm gold.

ebay stopped allowing the sale of virtual booty the other day. or will be shortly.