Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is 'Dick In the Box' the new 'Cowbell'?

A fleeting flash of genius or the next great quotable SNL skit?

Well, with both my parents and my grandparents singing 'Dick in a Box' last week, I'm inclined to think the latter. Since posting the link (and subsequently emailing it on a whim to random contacts), it seems that Dick Fever has spread like wild fire.
Wait...let me explain.
If you haven't seen SNL Mock-video, scroll down a couple entries and thank me later.
If you have, then you may know what I mean when I say that this little gem may very well be the new 'Cowbell' sketch. No, I'm serious. I feel like I'm backstabbing an old friend but damnit, it just might be true.
(ps: If you haven't seen the cowbell sketch, well friend, its been good but I think we should see other people.)
But how can I be so sure? Well...I can't. But here's a purely unscientific comparison:

Mock Factor
Cowbell: Took a shot at my Dad's kind of music
DIAB: Took a shot at my Mom's type of music.
Winner: Dick in a Box (sorry mom)

Use of SNL Actors
Cowbell: Self defacing comic genius Will Ferrill (sp?)
DIAB: Up and coming guy ... you know - he did that funny Lettuce Short.
Winner: Cowbell

Use of Celebrity
Cowbell: Christopher Walkin's stop/start acting style has always been accidently entertaining. Add to that a few pauses and offstage glances and you have classic Walkin.
DIAB: Dirty Popper Justin Timberlake taking on his own genre of music? Priceless. Sporting a pimp-stache? Pricelesser. Yeah, I went there.
Winner: Tie

Best Usage of a Dick in a carrying Compartment
Cowbell: N/A
DIAB: Abundent
Winner: Dick in a Box

Clearly, science comes through. And while I've always been a gigantic supporter of Cowbell, I can't avoid the simple facts.
So sing with me now....step 1, cut a hole in the box....


Creative Freakin' Genius said...

Step 2...put your junk in the box.

Your GRANDPARENTS?? Seriously, Bradford?? Wild!

pauly said...

check out the lonely island guys - they're the brains behind most of the recent popular snl sketches.

they were supposed to have a show called 'awesometown', but it was denied. here's the link! the opening to awesometown is gold enough (as is the first episode of 'the bu and the nintendo sketch).


check it!

Meagan said...

I *just* watched Dick in a Box. I almost spit tea all over my computer. DIAB is a CLEAR winner. Although Cowbell is a classic. Now I'll have that damn song stuck in my head all day....

dazula said...

I can never go to a grocery store in the middle of the day again. Well not without my box that is. Cause without the box it's just a dick dangling in the breeze. And nobody wants that.

"I got a fever, and the only cure is more dick in a box!"