Friday, January 26, 2007

My Dream Wedding

Couldn't help but posting these (albeit they're tiny since I'm not paying extra to get them ordered).

Ma and Pa Bradford made their trip to and renewed their vows via the memphis man himself. Yes, Elvis (re) married my parents. Yup - still fun after all these years. I can only hope to repeat this years later (if Elvis is still alive).
Even better - I wonder if Jack Bauer will be marrying people in the future. That'd be awesome - imagine: 24 minutes to get married. A fake explosion. Satellite imagery for photos. A bunch of desks in the corner with computer genuises coordinating the entire ceremony. And just in the middle of me saying my vows Jack Bauer would smash into the church and take a hostage (preferrably a younger family member) and threatens to shoot them if I don't tell him where *insert terrorist* is hiding. Then said terrorist will pop out of a secret nook in the altar and run down the aisle. Jack would pull one of his patended superman karate moves and kill the guy in one jaw-breaking kick to the face.
We'd all applaud. I'd finish my vows.

Sniff....weddings are such beautiful things.
Oh - one last with ma and pa. Look closely! Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Baby, your fascination with Jack Bauer just went from cute to #%&*!# creepy.

Anonymous said...

Um. Did you want to come with me and "Darryl" to Vegas in March? We can hook you up with a nice Spock impersonator or something...