Friday, January 05, 2007

Link Lot #3 Bride of Linkzilla

Upcoming posts include a review of Sirius Radio (hint: includes needless swear words and repetitive references to blow jobs) and TV Chicks That Could Kick My Ass.
In the meantime, please enjoy the following:

First up - more proof that mother nature is a stone cold bitch. Also, why I'll never again have a snail as a pet...or zombie maggots (A good blog to boot).

Second up - a whack-load of old system games you can play right in your browser. Not to be used during work ... of course.

Third up - Hiro from Heroes (arguably the best character on the show) on Jay Leno. Special points for the Dick in a Box reference.

And finally - a collection of mini (and true) ghost stories for the paranormal geek - on the go!

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