Friday, January 19, 2007

World of Warcraft and the Cure for Cancer

Slowly and surely, WoW is taking over the world. I'm reminded of that Star Trek episode where everyone returns from a planet wearing this weird eye-thing that allowed them to play some kind of "disc in pipe" game 24/7. Of course, this meant zero productivity around the Enterprise and it took do-gooder Wesley to play the ultimate buzz-kill and disconnect the crew. Jerk.

Anyways - I'm reminded of this because 0.1% percent of the human population plays WoW. That's not that much when you consider that 2% of the population probably also rented The Devil Wears Prada, but that's a sizeable chunk of human beings regardless.
So I got to thinking - how can society make use of that untapped potential? WoW has already proven that someone will spend an entire year of his life to acquire some digital moose-horns or to get virtual laid - so why not use that same blind devotion for good?

What if, to become some kind of grand overlord +89 Fire Elf (or something), you needed to cure cancer? Provide a workable solution to world hunger? Raise money for the United Way? Hell - these people are paying a little penny to subscribe, what if they could buy a virtual donation pin. Everyone knows that Level 70 Orc Priestess Chicks dig guys who donate. Am I wrong?

It seems to me that our best shot of collaborting is happening right now in the dungeons and villages of WoW. Obsessed or not, these 8+ million players LOVE goals and LOVE parading their success. I say - use it!

The revolution begins! Press start.


Scribe of Dreams said...

I couldnt agree more, honestly, the donation thing would work so well.

"hey man, check out this +4 to dark banishing arrow set"

"what, i've never heard of that, where do you get it?"

"well you need this special badge of membership to get into this secret shop on level 12 of the cave of despair"
"you just have to donate to charity X"

done and DONE

Anonymous said...

Geez, isn't there any golf stuff on this website thingee? Where's the NHL scores? How can ya run a fricken hockey pool from here? I can't see nothin but video game stuff - though all them nice things you said about the Bradford Christmas were nice - your idiot father told me to tell you they were glad to have you home Big Time! So anyway, not sports, how 'bout a little spice - ya know what I mean? You need something here for guys like me. Hey space stuff would be good. Black holes and dying suns. Kool! Do it dude.

Jimmy Morrison
back for a short visit

Attention Whore said...

WTF is going on?
What is all this gaming crap?
Haha...good for you Matty...freelancing for CANOE! You have hit the big time!!!
Just remember the little people...oh yeah, and some great chick who pushed you to do this blogging crap...she's awesome.