Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Conscious...just barely

Sweet jebus I'm tired.
I don't want mean to bitch and moan, but man I could use a nap.
It's my fault. MJ started her new morning shift which has her going to bed at 9pm and waking at 3:30am. So instead of going to bed earlier (so as to offset the 3:30am alarm wake-up), I'm doing nothing different. Which...apparantly, isn't working.
Long story short...I'm here...but just barely. That last cup of ass (.25$ office coffee) helped, but otherwise I'm in a daze.
Oh...and that wasn't a typo. We have to pay for coffee at our office. Tweedle-facking-dee.
So - thanks for coming - I'll drop a few links for your time. And yeah, I'll attempt to make them non-game related. Maybe.

The first is a nifty companion to watching 24. It's one guy's opinion (Aaron, methinks), but still a nice nod to the series: Check it out - Character Countdown

The second is an amazingly nifty/uber nerdy recreation of Star Wars using hands. I'm pretty sure that's not the only thing these people re-create using their hands. ZING!
Check it out: Hand Wars

And finally, for mr. Anonymous who complained about lack of 'space' coverage - cool images from space! See them by clicking this fancy link

That's it. Go home!

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