Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Marketing - Bradford Stylz

I just noticed that someone came to my blog after searching for the 'Bradford Exchange' on google. Whether he (quite possibly she) stayed long enough to realize their horrible, horrible mistake, I don't know.
But it did give me an idea.
In the spirit of viral/bad marketing, I'm planting the following popular search phrases with hopes of luring unsuspecting webizens:

Porn. Teens. Hot. Lost theories. 911 Conspiracies. Bush. Brittney Spears' nethers. Paris Hilton. Cute puppies. Kittens. Free kittens. How to cook kittens. Dieting. Top 10 of 2007. Worst 10 of 2007. Mel Gibson. Iraq. XBOX360. PS3 sucks. Wii. More Porn. Schoolgirls. Family guy. Grey's Anatomy. The. Earth. Random. Hockey. Baseball. Curling. Golf. Cookies. Superman. Batman. Spiderman 3. Heroes. 24. New Trailer. Teaser trailer. Busty porn. Resolutions. Misguided Blogs. Love. Hate. Apathy. More porn than you can download.

I think that covers it...let the flood begin!

1 comment:

Creative Freakin' Genius said...

Just think of how many you're already getting via "Dick In The Box"....